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- Revisiting Columbine: the Sue Klebold book review
- Stranger Things 2 Review
- Jamie Lee Curtis returns for new Halloween Sequel
- @ghostinthecast,
- Revisiting Columbine: the Sue Klebold book review
- Stranger Things 2 Review
- Jamie Lee Curtis returns for new Halloween Sequel
- @ghostinthecast,
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 158
- Revisiting Columbine: the Sue Klebold book review
- Stranger Things 2 Review
- Jamie Lee Curtis returns for new Halloween Sequel
- @ghostinthecast,
The Round Up - Episode 3: We hate drama
- PewDiePie is a....
-Dean Takahashi sucks (at Cuphead), and that's ok
-Journalism and Controversy
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The Round Up - Episode 2: Let's talk projects!
-Deededee talks about the D&D West March campaign being run for the RCM community
-Baron teases out more information on his game project. "Crimson Throne"
-Does gaming contenting have to fit the narrative of the game?
-The MMO Age is dead?
-On this day Varyar was wrong about something
-The panel discuss the upcoming game "Frostpunk" created by the developers of "This War of Mine" fame
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The Round Up - Episode 1: It Begins!
-Join Varyar, Deededee, and Baron von Gosu for the premiere of the Round Up
-Hype for games as kids versus hype for games as adults
-To mod or not to mod? That is the question
- And what's the future of modding? This plus more on this week's Round Up
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The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 155
- Recap of the Live Ghosthunt Orbfest 2017
- @ghostinthecast,
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 157
- How to do a trance and see the devil
- Scary Sleep Over Games
- Pennywise played by a woman?
- @ghostinthecast,
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 156
- Best scares we ever gave someone
- Hunt a Killer box 2: the mystery continues
- Ghost of Cedar Point
- Answering Emails about Orbfest 2017
- @ghostinthecast,
RCM On Tap - Episode 117
-Killer and Jen encounter the worst customer service EVER
-Bio may be caught in a TRON-type universe
RCM On Tap - Episode 116
-The team totally fails at realizing it's Cinco de Mayo until the very end of the episode
-What would we do with a Meeseeks box?
-Bio gets a pretty good zinger at about the 33:20 mark
-Fatigue sets in, and horrible fan fics are proposed
RCM On Tap - Episode 115
-An elderly penguin in Japan falls in love with a waifu
-The guys practice dubbing voiceovers for On Tap
-Killer's dream is for a massive community round of Player Unknown Battlegrounds that turns into The Most Dangerous Game (Varyar's gonna GIT YOUUUU!)
RCM On Tap - Episode 114
-It's Crown Day!
-Killer lost something important at work. Jen and Bio aren't being helpful.
-Jen makes the guys play their least favorite game ever: Fact or Crap!
RCM On Tap - Episode 113
-The mighty hunter has returned from his hambush!
-Bio really, really hates spreadsheets, which should not be used as databases. Ever.
-Hax is just happy about his three-day weekend
RCM On Tap - Episode 112
-The new Ghost in the Shell trailer gives Bio hope for his trans-Asian leanings
-Killer keeps breaking shit. Repeatedly. (But he made a new friend!)
-Jen is super excited about The Book Thieves
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 154
- We use the Ouija Board with interesting results
- Stephen King's IT gets a trailer drop
- Ghost Gossip
- @ghostinthecast,
RCM On Tap - Episode 111
-Killer is hopeful that Bomb Tech Jen will be more helpful than Bio
-These hopes are dashed early. Bio is now the supervisor.
-Next time, spring for the Diamond membership
RCM On Tap - Episode 110
-Baroness is out, and Biomed and Killer decide to play Bomb IT support and Bomb defuser
-Spoiler alert... Killer dies a lot
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 153
- The Hunt for a murderer begins
- Ghost Gossip returns
- Ghost story of Michigan
- Animated Godzilla movie plot synopsis
- @ghostinthecast,
RCM On Tap - Episode 109
-Killer teaches Velvet, Jen, and Lyserg how to play Risk
-Jen totally fails at diplomacy and loses the British Isles
-Killer's alliance with Lyserg takes an unfortunate, but completely expected turn
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 152
- Severed feet found on the beach
- Scene at credit's end of Kong: Skull Island
- Ghostly photo bombs
- Irish story of curses
- Haunted ebay returns
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RivalShop Up and Running!
Dec 13th 2017
With all this running around for holiday shopping, wouldn't it be nice to get yourself a little something? Maybe you're in need of some home decor of your favorite streams, or perhaps you require a new tee shirt to lounge in while laughing at the folks caroling outside your door. They might need to run to the mall for these things, but not you - RCM's RivalShop has you covered, and will deliver right to your door*!
As we're just getting started, the website will right now allow direct orders to US addresses. We will be rolling out additional countries for direct orders over the next few weeks, starting with the UK and Canada. Customers shipping to non-US addresses should contact for shipping quotes. Please include the items the items you wish to purchase and full shipping address in your correspondence.
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If RCM Was A Kindergarten Class (Valentine's Edition)
Feb 14th
Everybody knows that RCM doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day. What we celebrate mid-February is the 15th, or what is commonly referred to as Half-Priced Chocolates Day. But that doesn't mean we were ALWAYS like that. Before Cupid was stupid and adult life reared its cynical head, our staffers were once innocent little schoolkids who just wanted to share affection and arbitrarily sugary treats in the middle of a school day.
If the RCM staff were members of a kindergarten class....
1. Varyar's valentines to the class would definitely be this:
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Hunt - Chapter Twenty-Eight
Feb 16th
~ 28 ~
27 Arodus, 4692 AR; Grey Garrison 1st Floor, Kenabres
With a loud boom, the doors of the Grey Garrison closed. And the place was silent. Not even the sounds of war outside could be heard. Shayliss had expected the demons to be pouring in through the woodworks to try and get at them. But after waiting a full minute in tense anticipation, nothing happened. It made her nervous, like a mouse who knows it had just walked into the cat's den but could not find the cat.