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-The Boys talk Business and Management
-Gaming gets Moral
-The Show turns into a Horror Movie as the guys hear a noise
-We didn't want to but we had to: GamerGate
-The Boys talk Business and Management
-Gaming gets Moral
-The Show turns into a Horror Movie as the guys hear a noise
-We didn't want to but we had to: GamerGate
The Rival Cast - Episode 73
-The Boys talk Business and Management
-Gaming gets Moral
-The Show turns into a Horror Movie as the guys hear a noise
-We didn't want to but we had to: GamerGate
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 64
- Arachnos, Cthulhu, and Elmo begin on the campaign trail for elections
- Baron reviews The Sacrament, Alien Isolation, and American Horror Story Season 4
- How does music impact the horror genre?
- ghostinthepodcast@gmail.com, @ghostinthecast
Dr Who Livecast - Episode 41: The Runaway Bride
-Rex and Sayo get back to where it started, back to the glory of David Tenant and Dr. Who.
Sheep Moon - Episode 103: Sixes
-Patch 6.0.2 dropped today (TOLD YOU SO!) so we cover the patch
-Updating the "Sheep Moon Official Raid Rankings"
-The forums explode!
-Does anyone even read these? I could pretty much type anything here and nobody would notice. Did you even notice? Tweet @sheep_moon with #INoticeDee and prove it!
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BGM - Episode 95: Smashing Melee Brawl
A musical history of the Smash Bros. series, not sponsored by Sonic and their slushies. Tracklist: http://sekani2.com/1089/bgm-95-smashing-melee-brawl/
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 63
- Spiders invade a St. Louis home....Arachnos arises!
- Vampire graves uncovered in Bulgaria
- Winston Zedmore comments on Ghostbusters 3
- Deadliest horror movie villains if decided solely by body count
- ghostinthepodcast@gmail.com, @ghostinthecast
The Rival Cast - Episode 72
-Highlander is back!
-Video games, professional players, and eSports!
-Microsoft launches a new proof of concept: The HoloDeck!
-Eboby meets Snap to give birth to the Bark Lurd
The Rival Cast - Episode 71
-Varyar flies Solo!
-Is game length a useful metric? Survey says no!
-Shadows of Mordor is brutal and terrifying....and boatloads of fun!
Dr Who Livecast - Episode 40: End of Days
-Lilrex and Sayo finally end Torchwood
-Sayo trolls Lilrex in the hardest way imaginable
-Torchwood is dead to us forever, form now on only Dr. Who on DWLC
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 62
- Stalker Monthly: The digital magazine for 21st century "people watchers."
- What do souls taste like?
- The great Netflix assassination
- ghostinthepodcast@gmail.com, @ghostinthecast
Dr Who Livecast - Episode 39: Captain Jack Harkness
-Sayo and Rex just hang out and wait for the 2 guys to make-out
The Rival Cast - Episode 70
-Varyar gets back in to Wargame!
-The guys agree the new show Gotham will have a short life
-Blizzard cancels Titan
Sheep Moon - Episode 102: Viva la Bruce!
-Blizzard announces the ending of PvP Season 15, which totally (pretty much) confirms Patch 6.0.2's release date
-Brawler's Guild Season 2 info, and Bruce might just be a badass
-The real threat of WoW addiction, some advice to deal with it
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The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 61
- If a game is made to be scary and it succeeds, is it horror? One journalist argues 'no.'
- Baron goes on a rant about the stupidity of said journalist
- Sleepy Hollow season 2
- The wussification of vampires and sparkly zombies
- ghostinthepodcast@gmail.com, @ghostinthecast
Dr Who Livecast - Episode 38: Combat
-Just Rex and Sayo this week talking about the Torchwood version of Fight Club and how many other shows did it better except Torchwood had better hair.
Sheep Moon - Episode 101: Back to Basics
-After the madness of Episode 100, we finally get back to the basics of Sheep Moon (101, get it?)
-A new thinking about Challenge Modes makes me appreciate them for what they are.
-Spoilergate: Was it a good idea for Blizzard to release the in-game cinematics to the public before launch?
-Blizzcon in-game goodies: is the price of the virtual ticket worth the items themselves?
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The Rival Cast - Episode 69
-Varyar's hard drive crashed;we lost an episode
-The loss of the hard drive makes this a barebones/no music show
-Plus there's a little gaming news, and Highlander get's distracted by geek SkyMall!
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 60
- Is 5 Nights at Freddy's really a horror game or a capitalist conspiracy theory?
- Real life horror stories takes at domestic violence
- Horror stories in 5 words
- Ghostbusters 3 may be following 'The Avengers' model of film making
- ghostinthepodcast@gmail.com, @ghostinthecast
Dr Who Livecast - Episode 37: Out of Time
- An All-star cast for this episode of TorchWood awfulness (Baron the master of ghosts, Deededee the 100 master, Biomed the cazed alchemist, Umamore the Lilrex hater, Sayomara the brave and The Best in the World Lilrex)
- After last weeks lie, Rex no longer believes Sayo's opinion about episode quality
- If you are downloading this, you missed the live pre-show
Sheep Moon - Episode 100: Epic Episode of Epicness!
-It's finally here, Episode 100! Today we take a look back at the history of the show, from it's crappy beginnings to where we are today.
-Listen for a chance to win a $20 Steam giftcard or $20 Battle.net giftcard!
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Latest content
A Game in the Life
2 weeks
It's more than amusing to see how my gaming habits have changed as I've made the transition from bored teenager into responsible adult. Gone are the days when I could finish a full-length title in a weekend, the days when I could spend weeks honing my skills to beat the next-door neighbor at Street Fighter II Turbo, the days when I would save up cash to buy the next game on my wishlist since it wouldn't come out for another four months. The requirements on my time have increased dramatically. At the same time, the gaming industry seems to have changed a bit as well, and it offers experiences that seem to be tailored to those of us who grew up in the NES era but can no longer devote the same attention to the medium that we used to. ...
Baron's Blitz: Our greatest fear
3 weeks
I think one of the most frequent questions posed to me in my time doing Dead Air/Ghost in the Podcast has always been what scares me most. On the show there are always the jokes of my fears of the eight legged spawns of Satan who are not-so-secretly attempting to devour my very soul (All hail Arachnos!), but the thing is in reality I can handle myself somewhat gracefully when dealing with my arch-nemeses. Even as they (deliberately) build their webs at perfect eye level. The reality, however, is that I've never discussed what really scares me on the show. The truth of my deepest fear isn't something as entertaining as spider orbs, their real life brethren, or those tense moments walking down a long hallway in Amnesia as I run dangerously low on kerosene for my lamp. As much as those things scare me, as discussed on the show, there is a difference between 'safe' fear and 'real' fear. What I want to tell you about here is my 'real' fear. ...
Can We Close the (Gamer)Gate Yet?
1 month
Unless you religiously follow video game news websites, you probably have no clue what's up with the #GamerGate hashtag currently proliferating through social media right now. I did some research and investigation, and the more I found out about the controversy, the more convinced I am that everyone involved in the world of video game journalism, whether reader or author, is out of their damned minds. ...
I'm not fat, I'm a pro gamer
3 months
While browsing Netflix the other night looking for a decent date night movie to watch, the title  caught my attention. The premise is that video games have become the most popular competitive sport on the planet, and so talented gamers come to this fictional school to hone their skills, while dealing with most of the typical high school comedy tropes. The idea that competitive gaming would somehow surpass, say, the NFL or World Cup soccer in popularity sounds a bit ridiculous right now. Still, tens of millions of spectators tune in to Twitch channels and other live streams to see fighting game tournaments like Evo and MOBA tournaments like The International. A tournament for League of Legends last year sold out the Staples Center in Los Angeles in an hour. The numbers (and prize pools) don't lie, competitive gaming is a thing and it's taking off. ...
A Brief Gank Erroneous Electronics Earwig
3 months
Show over, cynicism returning to normal
By Shriggs
Neutrality is Overrated
3 months
It's frightening how misunderstood the issue of net neutrality is right now. I'd like to place the blame on Netflix CEO Reed Hastings for this mess. He co-opted the term as part of his PR campaign against Comcast, Verizon, and other ISPs to build public and social media support for his company. Truth is, streaming video services like Netflix have basically broken the internet, and they're all just fighting over who's going to pay to fix it. It'll be us, the consumers, in the end regardless, but they're still fighting over who's keeping the bigger share of our money. ...
Destiny Public Alpha Impressions
4 months
In conjunction with E3, Bungie allowed all who had a PS4 and signed up for it to try out their alpha build of Destiny through the weekend. Since I've been looking forward to Destiny since it was announced I signed up as soon as humanly possible. I waited patiently (i.e. doing everything short of murder to pass the time) for the email that would contain my code for the alpha. When I had finally received my code, I immediately set off for adventure. ...
A Brief Gank Wildstar
4 months
Now back to... Doing... Work... ?
By Shriggs
A New Galaxy
4 months
I was gonna take on another serious topic, like how stupid people think that net neutrality is going to give them faster Netflix, or how the UC Santa Barbara shooting got turned into a women's rights movement, or even how Microsoft has apparently given up on their vision with the Xbox One, but quite frankly, you guys aren't paying me enough to be serious all the time. So instead, I'm just gonna brag about my new toy. ...
A Brief Gank Patent My Face, OK!
4 months
Everyone should check out the Cryptozoic Entertainment vs Wizards of the Coast Scuffle, its kind of crazy.
By Shriggs