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- Evil Dead the series? Nerdgasm!
- Dick move of the week and fun with Let's Plays
- Nielsen ratings start rating Netflix and Amazon VOD services and what this might mean for horror movies/tv shows
- Prometheus 2 updates
-, @ghostinthecast
- Evil Dead the series? Nerdgasm!
- Dick move of the week and fun with Let's Plays
- Nielsen ratings start rating Netflix and Amazon VOD services and what this might mean for horror movies/tv shows
- Prometheus 2 updates
-, @ghostinthecast
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 69
- Evil Dead the series? Nerdgasm!
- Dick move of the week and fun with Let's Plays
- Nielsen ratings start rating Netflix and Amazon VOD services and what this might mean for horror movies/tv shows
- Prometheus 2 updates
-, @ghostinthecast
Dr Who Livecast - Episode 46: Evolution of the Daleks
This week @Sayomarav and @lilrex2015 talk about the Series 3 episode Evolution of the Daleks
Dr Who Livecast - Episode 45: Daleks in Manhattan
This week @Sayomarav and @BiomedAlchemist talk about the Series 3 episode Daleks in Manhattan
The Rival Cast - Episode 76
-Highlander's last show before moving
-The guys talk a new educational system based on small groups and game theory
-Tara continues to suck, fail, and be hilarious
-The Diabeetus Rap!
Sheep Moon - Episode 108: Addicted
-Warlords is here! Many server issues!
-My first impressions of the zones, garrisons, and Heroics.
-Moderator of the wow subreddit /r/wow/ threw a fit and took it out on redditors.
-Many emails! Keep them coming, because it's awesome!
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*Now for the secret part of these show notes!
I'm just going to type out random song lyrics, because reasons. Feel free to google the lyrics and follow along.
Imagine living like a king someday
A single night without a ghost in the walls
And if the bass shakes the earth underground
We'll start a new revolution now
BGM - Episode 97: Rock Out
Throw up your devil horns to some of the best guitar riffs this side of a PlayStation. Music from Sonic Adventure, Metroid Prime, Double Dragon Neon, Gran Turismo 6, and more are included. Tracklist:
Sheep Moon - Episode 107: My Body is Ready!
-More great emails! Dee gives dating advice? What!
-Recap of Blizzcon (the WoW bits anyway), Blizzard's brilliant marketing scheme, and another "People That Have No Business Writing About WoW" segment
-Warlords! HYPE TRAIN!
Please email questions, comments, song requests and critiques of the show to or tweet @sheep_moon
Far Afield - Episode 25: Wicca wookie sex in the woods
WE RETURN! Scott and Sayo are joined BiomedAlchemist, Baron von Gosu, and Baroness we talk about stores of wikccians, wolves, and wookies.
The Rival Cast - Episode 75
-CoD: Advanced Warfare - Good, but is it good enough?
-Tara and her magnificent bobs are pregnant with....The Bark Lurd!
-Holy Announcement Batman, change is afoot!
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 68
- Election results for Lord of Terror
- The Michelle Knight was all a matter of time
- 4,000 spiders in St. Louis means nothing compared to this latest story
-, @ghostinthecast
Dr Who Livecast - Episode 43: The Shakespeare Code
This week @Sayomarav and @GhostInTheCast talk about the Dan Brown inspired episode for Series 3 of Doctor who The Shakespeare Code
Sheep Moon - Episode 106: The Worst Warcraft Podcast on the Internet
-Dee gets a bit of hate mail
-What do we want to hear from Blizzcon? Or, more importantly, what DON'T we want to hear from Blizzcon
-WoW will be around for another 10 years according to Blizzard. Cockiness, or confidence?
Please email questions, comments, song requests and critiques of the show to or tweet @sheep_moon
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 67
- Final advertisements for Cthulhu, Elmo,and Arachnos
- Baron punishes local teens during trick or treating
- Baroness gets a warning from the Elmo contingent
- Slasher/Splatter genre videogames
-, @ghostinthecast
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 66
Baron, Edge, and Killer McCoy spend this Halloween night doing a riff on Jason X! And of course what GIP event would be complete without a drinking game? Rules to play along given in the episode (please drink responsibly)
-, @ghostinthecast
Sheep Moon - Episode 105: Flippy Floppies
*note: About half way through the episode my mic started emitting static with the audio, but I didn't notice it on my end. It's barely audible over the background music, but it's there, and annoying. I apologize for this technical mishap, and thank you for your understanding.
-Blizzard has once again changed their stance, this time on AoE Grinding. Good!
-There are new Warcraft commercials promoting Warlords of Draenor, but why stop there?
-The Super Guardian saves the day!
Please email questions, comments, song requests and critiques of the show to or tweet @sheep_moon
The Rival Cast - Episode 74
-Top Horror Games: Part I
-The guy's talk their personal lives, Varyar suspects the possibility of a Devil's Three Way
-Back to Tara's insane, twisted, TOTALLY NOT A MARY SUE!!!1!111! alter ego...
BGM - Episode 96: Random Select
No time to think up a theme for this one since I was busy watching wrestling, so just whatever I felt like adding to the show made it in. Music from Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Pokemon X/Y, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Transistor, and more are included. Tracklist:
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 65
- Evil Within, Alien Isolation, The Killing Floor- lets plays and reviews
- Resident Evil and Phantom of the Opera getting tv show treatment
- A Scream tv show without ghost face? Really?
-, @ghostinthecast
Sheep Moon - Episode 104: ...And Justice For All
-Blizzard silently nerfs AoE Grinding. What is it and why was it done?
-Blizzard also adds Set bonuses to LFR gear. Is this good or bad? Did they really flip-flop on their original stance?
-Dee won't ever get an interview with a dev, so we fake one with your questions!
Please email questions, comments, song requests and critiques of the show to or tweet @sheep_moon
Latest content
Ghost in the Podcast rescheduled
5 days
Hey everyone- this week's show is being rescheduled to Thursday Nov. 20. A home remodeling project that was expected to be finished unfortunately won't be by this afternoon. Thursdays show will air at 8pm est and will be followed by my Let's Play Alien Isolation part 4 at 10 pm est. Sorry everyone and see you then! ...
Announcing A Live Blender Basics Class
6 days
On Saturday November 22nd at 7PM EST I will be doing a live stream on our Twitch channel going over the basics of how to use Blender, an open source piece of software geared towards 3D production including modeling, sculpting, animating and rendering for use in many fields including film, television and game development. During this course we will be going over the basics of its user interface and layout and then proceed to create a small animation project to familiarize yourself with Blender's UI and workflow. After which I will open things up to discussion where I will attempt to answer and demonstrate if possible your questions that were not covered during the course. The video will then archived both on Twitch as well as YouTube for later viewing. I hope to follow up on this class with later classes on more specific topics and demonstrations. ...
Varyar: The Fanfic - Episode Two
1 week
EPISODE TWO: In which Varyar meets a great quasi-American hero and tries to make a sweet sale
The clock read five minutes to nine. It seemed like an hour since the minute hand had last ticked closer to closing time. Varyar had contemplated closing the shop early – this was the slow season, and he'd only had a handful of browsers shuffle through during his shift – but as much as he knew his internet fans would love for him to start his show on time, it was his obligation, nay, his duty to keep his business open until closing time. ...
Varyar: The Fanfic - Episode One
1 week
Episode One: In which Varyar Narrowly Escapes a Devil's Threeway
He walked into the bank lobby, clad only in his Converse tennies and an adult-sized giraffe onesie. From the other side of the counter she noticed his cool shades and the lack of ring on his left finger. 'I can help the next customer,' she said to him in a suggestive manner. ...
This is stupid.
3 weeks
I had planned to write about GamerGate before. Many times, in fact. But every time I start putting the figurative pen to the paper, I get tired and depressed. This isn't fun anymore. It's just a downward spiral of hate as each side races to exceed the lowest common denominator in search of some twisted form of justice. What's the fucking point of it all? ...
Daylight Savings Time -> Standard Time
3 weeks
This weekend is when our EU friends "fall back" an hour. However, in 'MURICA, we'll still be on Daylight Savings Time for one more week, so there will be a bit of a time gap! ...
Fine, don't take my money.
3 weeks
I once said that Apple Pay may be the best thing that ever happened to Google Wallet. While users of high-end Android devices have had the ability to make NFC payments for something like four years now, retailer support for the technology has been quite lacking. Prior to this summer, about the only place where I could've used it at all was at the neighborhood McDonald's. Now, thanks in part both to Apple's adoption of NFC technology and to the security-focused upgrade to chip-and-pin payment terminals, I've noticed an exponential increase in the number of places that allow me to pay by tapping my phone on the counter instead of swiping a card. ...
A Game in the Life
1 month
It's more than amusing to see how my gaming habits have changed as I've made the transition from bored teenager into responsible adult. Gone are the days when I could finish a full-length title in a weekend, the days when I could spend weeks honing my skills to beat the next-door neighbor at Street Fighter II Turbo, the days when I would save up cash to buy the next game on my wishlist since it wouldn't come out for another four months. The requirements on my time have increased dramatically. At the same time, the gaming industry seems to have changed a bit as well, and it offers experiences that seem to be tailored to those of us who grew up in the NES era but can no longer devote the same attention to the medium that we used to. ...
Baron's Blitz: Our greatest fear
1 month
I think one of the most frequent questions posed to me in my time doing Dead Air/Ghost in the Podcast has always been what scares me most. On the show there are always the jokes of my fears of the eight legged spawns of Satan who are not-so-secretly attempting to devour my very soul (All hail Arachnos!), but the thing is in reality I can handle myself somewhat gracefully when dealing with my arch-nemeses. Even as they (deliberately) build their webs at perfect eye level. The reality, however, is that I've never discussed what really scares me on the show. The truth of my deepest fear isn't something as entertaining as spider orbs, their real life brethren, or those tense moments walking down a long hallway in Amnesia as I run dangerously low on kerosene for my lamp. As much as those things scare me, as discussed on the show, there is a difference between 'safe' fear and 'real' fear. What I want to tell you about here is my 'real' fear. ...
Can We Close the (Gamer)Gate Yet?
2 months
Unless you religiously follow video game news websites, you probably have no clue what's up with the #GamerGate hashtag currently proliferating through social media right now. I did some research and investigation, and the more I found out about the controversy, the more convinced I am that everyone involved in the world of video game journalism, whether reader or author, is out of their damned minds. ...